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10 Technology of the Future

     Do not be surprised, later attended a camera behind a translucent wall. New Scientist magazine, predicting the future of 10 products Would you believe? TV future in addition to sound, color, can also be scented. The human brain is divided into 30 more types of aroma, such as wood scent, the scent of flowers, the scent of grass and so forth. That the development of technology products in the future.
British magazine, New Scientist, as quoted by the Epoch Times, Tuesday, February 3, 2009, will predict the presence of 10 major science and technology products are expected to occur within the next 30 years. , From the laboratory room was stepping into your home, become common products such as mobile (HP).
To-10 science and technology of these detectors include translucent walls, coat-style body penyirna Harry Potter, Spiderman-style climbing wall equipment that makes people capable of climbing walls, super private airplanes, private spaceship and a TV that can be smelled and others. Some say these predictions are too far-fetched, really unbelievable. But let's flashback to-30 years ago, in 1979 when the Japanese company, NET has developed HP's first internet around the world, many people still think walking while talking on the phone is impossible, but for the people of today HP has become luggage that must exist. Along with the development of science and technology, who said the dream could not become a reality?

Britain's Daily Mail with details explaining "10 major scientific and technological products of the future" as follows:

1. Dynamo of the human body

    Almost everyone today has a HP, iPod and other electronic devices, but spoke with HP and listen to your iPod a little bit long so the battery runs out while we're out, would not be able to recharge, then how?

If only the movement of the human body may at any time be used for power generation, how nice it is!

Now scientists at the lab have to realize those expectations. Wang Zhonglin a scientist of Chinese descent from the Polytechnic of Georgia, USA, using techniques and Piezoelectrik Nano effect to generate electricity. He managed to make some sort of glass fiber clothing of mixed materials berdinamo super fine metal fibers. Whenever the fiber-pressed or bent, can generate electricity. The so-called Piezoelectrik effect is when a particular matter when the pressure to produce electricity.

Wang Zhonglin using nano yarn made ​​from Zinc Oxyd (zinc oxide) is wrapped with a strand of fiber weaving. When people wear these clothes, so long as the wind blown or the slightest movement is enough to make clothes that generate electricity.

Today the technique is still in experimental stages in the laboratory, after waiting for more mature techniques, then people could at any time deduct or iPodnya Hp.

2. Translucent wall reconnaissance tool

    In the fairy god or superhuman power must have a penetrating view, can see objects behind walls, see the atmosphere in the back wall. But now scientists are using radio waves and have to realize this dream.

Science and technology consulting firm Cambridge - England using radio waves that have the privilege to get to penetrate solid objects, has created an X-ray surveillance system is only for a briefcase.

Prism 200, the name of this equipment can emit a kind of ultra wide band pulse waves, can pass through walls or material as thick as 40 cm, to detect any movement within a radius of 15 meters, can assist the police during the siege of kidnappers and were able to detect the position of the perpetrator and the victim is held hostage in in the room.

Technical University of Munich German researchers have created a kind of equipment which, although insulated by the door, provided that such launches radio waves between 433 MHz and 24,000 MHz, it can detect breathing and heart rate and minimal movement from behind the door.

3. Climb up the wall and Qinggong (science relieve the body)
Spiderman in the movies, capable of climbing walls and jumping on the roof of a skyscraper. Now interlude in his spare time has been used by scientists to use such a strong adhesive equipment for realizing the fight against gravity. The scientists drew inspiration from the principles of anatomy foot lizard.
Lizards can crawl on the walls thanks to rely on the hair shaft 2 million on each leg, which caused electrical and electrostatic micro forming a very strong adhesive.
Andre Geim, University of Manchester, England has planned a kind of imitation fur material lizard, only 1 cm2, imposed on the gloves and shoes, and can support the weight of 1 kg.
Nicola Pugno, researchers polytechnic University of Turin Italy concurrently Nano technology, has made one pair of gloves, each capable of withstanding the weight of 10 kg. along with technical improvements, the dream of beautiful people can be like Spiderman fans soon be realized.
4. Artificial gill
The human race when you're leaving oxygen is not able to maintain its existence, while diving compressed air from the tube, if used up then it should go up to the edge, unable as mermaids stories that can live on land and diving on the ocean floor. But once humans can create an artificial gill, in the future, wandering on the ocean floor is not a problem anymore.
Fuji Systems, Japan, making gill membranes made from silicon, air can penetrate, but the liquid can not, can filter out the oxygen in the water, dispose of CO2 at the same time, just like the gills of fish. In 2002, there are divers who managed to put on an artificial gill was located in the water for 30 minutes.
But because in the sea water contained only 1.5% oxygen, while oxygen is prepared artificial gill too little, not sufficient for human breathing. Israeli scientists use the battery move the high-speed centrifuges, after reducing the pressure of ocean water could release more oxygen, but for divers, though no longer need to carry an oxygen tank, but still need to hold the battery and reducing the pressure gauges.
5. Direct translation tool
   SRI companies, the U.S., have developed a voice recognition software and translation IraqComm to U.S. forces in Iraq, while speaking Arabic and directed into the microphone, the computer immediately translated it into English and recite the language of translation.
Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, USA, is making a similar system called Speechalator, can be used on a palm sized note book and PDAs. Although today he said the power-limited vocabulary, but IraqComm communication aid for the U.S. army and the people of Iraq are very large.

6. Penyirna coat body
Humans in seeing an object is because the object has been blocking the passage of light waves. If the object is covered with a layer of special material that contains a negative refractive index, theoretically could make light pass unimpeded forward, thus the object is visually gone.
Now the science standards have not been able to make people disappear, but it is possible to plan a coat penyirna body. Last year Duke University, U.S., states can make metamaterials that can bend light, such penyirna material is made from a large number of synthetic materials that resemble glass fiber and formed with a horizontal arrangement of the system, can reverse the electromagnetic waves, by means of changing the beam of light to hide the object.
Today, researchers successfully expand the area that might block the light waves, a sharp increase in the ability of cover objects. Metamaterials can be made in addition to coat penyirna body, can also be used in optical fiber communication, optical fiber is made speed is expected to increase at least 10 times the speed of on-line today.

7. Private aircraft
Aircraft is considered by many scientists as a model of modern science and technology. Without the plane, can humans fly to the sky?
In 1920 a private aircraft have been developed, until the 60's, there are designing personal aircraft capable of flying 30 seconds. Until 2008, the Martin Jetpack that was designed by Martin aircraft company, New Zealand, made a private plane is no longer part of the science fiction comic.
Martin Jetpack provides two turbojet engine starter, driven using gasoline, one gallon of gasoline enough for 30-minute flight, about 50 miles away. In addition the aircraft is also equipped with a parachute, do not be afraid if damaged.
The selling price of the aircraft is U.S. $ 100,000, predicted the fastest second half of this year could be marketed.
8. Private spacecraft
In addition to his private plane, there are people who want to have a personal spacecraft, at any time can fly into space to enjoy the beautiful moon and stars. In general, expensive spacecraft is on its fuel. Usually one-time rocket launch, had to pay fuel costs of U.S. $ 100 million. U.S. engineers, Leik Myrabo proved to have a new idea that is without the use of fuel.
Myrabo always trying to study microwaves. He plans to use lasers were fired toward the surface of the spacecraft light-weight basis, could lead to Explosive plasma, so the spacecraft catapult to the top. Predicted in 2025, the capital of this new way is only 1 / 1000 than now.
9. Ultrasonic therapy device mini / portableInside kungfu, high knowledgeable people who can heal others by emitting energy in the method. The medical community has been far today uses ultrasonic waves to check the condition of pregnant women, but today uses ultrasonic for healing, also has become a new way of operating.
Lawrence Crum, a professor of the University of Washington, USA, which has successfully developed a kind of portable ultrasonic therapy equipment, through ultrasonic ultrasonic low-energy release, the condition of blood vessels injured by ultrasonic waves if found to have symptoms of bleeding blood vessels, these tools deliver more high-energy ultrasonic to create high heat and compress the blood vessels. This year he may conduct clinical trials of the therapy equipment.
10. Odor as a controller of TV
Far at the end of 1990 already at an early stage company that successfully researching smells synthetic techniques, capable of making almost any scent that encountered every day. But on TV along with the change of image, how to prevent different scents are not mixed and transformed into other types of scent, and how to counteract the smell that will not go away is not synchronized with the image displayed.

Methods firm Xin Li, Japan is to avoid the nose, but directly attacking the brain. Inside the copyright, Xin Li using ultrasonic directly stimulate certain parts of the human brain, making the audience or the players toy think sniffing a particular scent. But the technique is still very primitive, the path to the future is still rather long. [Epoch / ERB / ​​]
photo: the technology translator IraqComm [SRI]


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