Friday, October 21, 2011

Electromagnetic waves: multi-functional transmission network for the future

        Electromagnetic of the word "Electrical" and "Magnetic waves which means consisting of Energy Electricity and Magnetism Energy that radiates to the source of charge that moves back and forth. Propagating electromagnetic working system with a system that is the right hand finger upward direction is the Electric Field, the palm of the hand is the magnetic field, and the thumb is the direction of propagation of the wave vector.

As we know that the propagation of electromagnetic waves having a relatively fast so that it has a relatively. Rapid propagation of electromagnetic waves is 3 x 10 ^ 8 m / s which have an energy E = mc ^ 2 with a mass as the mass of the charge. The nature of the electromagnetic wave is a wave-shaped hills of the valley with the magnetic field and electric field are mutually perpendicular.

Looks Light is one of the electromagnetic waves that can be seen directly by human eyes which quickly rambatnya 3x10 ^ 8 m / s. Visible light can be used as a transmission medium, for example the electric charge on the fiber optic light ...,, can also generate electricity by irradiating a light metal with a frequency higher than the metal so that the electrons on one coin will come out and hit the other pieces of metal resulting in electrocution and other metals.

Then how to change the cable transmission media as a medium of transmission through electromagnetic waves at power plants ....,, then how well the Earth's natural electromagnetic waves can be altered or converted into high-frequency electrical charge ....,, How can any power grid that will be transmitted to each rumah2 residents without cable or by means of specific electromagnetic waves so that electrical energy can be emitted from various regions with a range of LAN, MAN, WAN in fact,

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